We Have Your Back When Disaster Hits

Sometimes, things are out of your control, and when this happens it is important to have the coverage you need. We provide earthquake and flood coverage to protect your personal property when disaster hits. 

Many people don’t realize just how much not having earthquake or flood insurance could cost them in the long run. Do you? At Damberger’s Insurance Agency, we will go over your options with you, and help you choose the right coverage for your needs.


The standard homeowners insurance policy in the state of California does not provide coverage for physical or personal damages caused by an earthquake. Instead, these policies generally only cover the damages caused by a fire, including fires which occur following an earthquake. Residential homeowners insurance may also provide coverage for explosions, vandalism, or theft following an earthquake. In some cases, residential insurance will cover damage from broken pipes, as well as landslides and mudslides following a pipe burst, but only if these issues resulted directly from an earthquake.

Earthquake insurance is well worth the investment. According to the California Department of Insurance, earthquake insurance must provide coverage for a homeowner’s dwelling, personal property over $5,000, and any additional living expenses of at least $1,500. Coverage may include the costs for a temporary rental home, apartment or hotel, as well as the costs for restaurant meals and groceries, telephone or utility installation in a temporary residence, relocation and storage services, furniture rentals, and laundry services.
Even if your home has yet to experience a devastating flood, having flood insurance is a smart idea. A single torrential storm can wreak havoc on nearby rivers, lakes, and ponds, causing banks to overflow. Even overly saturated soil can cause home basements to flood and ruin the contents within. Getting flood insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Get the coverage you need without stretching your budget.
  • Determine Your Deductible - If your belongings were lost in a flood, how much money could you comfortably spend before needing your insurance compensation? Many insurance policies offer a lower premium fee if a customer is willing to take on a higher deductible. Though you should never agree to a deductible cost that is above your financial threshold, you can significantly reduce your annual fees with a healthy deductible in place.
  • Strategize Placement of Your Possessions - Where you place your most expensive belongings can affect the price of your flood insurance. Consider a finished basement; if you use your basement as an entertainment area, you’ll likely have electronics that cost thousands of dollars. In the event of a flood, the items in your basement will be the first to go. The more you might lose in a flood, the more likely you will have a higher premium cost. To reduce your rates, keep your most expensive possessions out of the water’s reach.
  • Know Your Flood Risk - A key determinant of your flood insurance cost is where you live. If you reside in a high-risk zone, your coverage will be more expensive than if you live in a low-to-moderate flood risk area. If you’re considering moving, you may want to keep flood risk in mind when browsing homes.
Getting Started
The unexpected happens every day. We can't guarantee that no disasters will ever happen to you, but we can make sure that you are prepared for anything. We offer a range of disaster insurance options such as fire, earthquake, and flood insurance to keep you better prepared for the unexpected. For more information or to inquire what policy is right for you, contact us today
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